The addition of this traceable rodder helps us locate non-metallic pipes and conduit that would not be able to carry an electromagnetic signal on their own.  This simple device allows us to attach a tone to the rodder, send it in, then trace its exact location with our RD7000 receiver. It also helps in very congested areas of metallic pipes where the induced signal has an opportunity to jump from utility to utility and giving a false reading and mark out.



ACCU-SCAN GPRJameson Duct Hunter

I couldn’t think of using another GPR Company; Accu-Scan GPR’s professionalism is top notch, their experience is second to none! They located a major bank of conduits that I needed to avoid on an SCA project. Luis is the “go to” tech when it comes to locating buried anomalies. – Chirag Patel, Laser Electrical



When you find underground utilities, can you determine what type of utility it is?

It all depends on the circumstances. Ground Penetrating Radar can generally find the utility without much difficulty, but we cannot determine if the piping is gas, or water, etc. solely by the signals on our screen. The technician can often trace the utility to a valve, meter, control box, or other type of signifying marker, thereby determining the utility that is being located. We can also sometimes put a “Tone” on the pipe if we are able to gain access to it before it goes underground. If there are “as-builts” available, Accu-Scan GPR can trace the utility as a reassurance for all parties involved.



  • Accu-Scan GPR is dedicated solely to performing Ground Penetrating Radar and utility locating.
  • Our policy is to exhaust all possible means to help our clients locate any and all utilities, cesspools, oil tanks, conduits, rebar, voids, chasms, and much more.
  • We will not leave the project until you are completely satisfied that we have done everything possible to make your project continue to run smoothly.
  • Our technician has over five years of combined experience in all concrete and earth applications on some of the highest profiled jobs, like the new Freedom Tower.
  • Our mission statement is more like the way we live life, not just the way we do business.



  • Non-Conductive pipe locating
  • Limiting excavations
  • Avoid project delays and unexplained costs dealing with a non-conductive utility
  • Sondes can detect problem points in a pipe
  • Improves efficiency and saves time by reducing efforts in locating
  • Designed for locating pipes in congested areas