When it comes to your home, you can never be too careful. Whether it’s a project in the back yard or remodeling the interior of your house, give us a call before you start. We will scan the area ahead of time so you know what to expect. Ground penetrating radar technology is useful in many aspects of home projects. If you have an idea that you think GPR might be useful for, give us a call. We would love to hear from you. No matter how big or small the project is, we are available.

We will:

• Map and mark out utilities installed in metallic and non metallic pipe, including electric, sewer, gas, and CATV/ telephone.

• Locate sprinkler lines.

• Locate cesspools/ leech fields.

• Find sink holes and voids.

• Scan in-ground pool walls and floors for any voids.

• Scan walls for electrical or plumbing lines.

• Locate large boulders or tree roots before digging.

• Locate buried electrical splice boxes




<br /> Accu-Scan GPR was great. I used them at NYU Medical Center to scan a floor. Their work was in an occupied area in the main lobby. They were very professional, clean and responsive. I will be using them again in the near future and highly recommend them for all your scanning needs. – John P. Brady, Assistant Superintendent, Gilston Electrical Contracting Corp.



Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) versus X-Ray:

The use of GPR in construction, inspection and concrete repair has many advantages over older x-ray methods. Simply put, GPR is safer, more economical, more versatile and more accurate than X-Ray.

X-Ray requires the evacuation of surrounding areas (which includes floors 50′ above and 50′ below) due to radiation safety concerns. Just this fact alone makes GPR a superior alternative to x-ray. The time lost because of evacuation can be substantial depending on the size of the project. GPR units are easily portable and can be “in and out” in a fraction of the time and they eliminate the safety concerns of dealing with a radiation source. When you consider all the factors, GPR is clearly a better solution for the concrete inspection, construction and repair industry than X-ray methods.



  • More Economical – GPR gives real-time on-site results so it takes a fraction of the time of X-ray development and processing.
  • Safer – GPR uses an electromagnetic radar pulse that has no harmful effects. X-ray processes require a potentially dangerous radiation source and require evacuation of adjacent areas.
  •  More Versatile – GPR only requires access to one side of concrete slabs to image them. X-ray requires two-sided access so the x-ray film can be placed on the opposite side for exposure.
  • More Accurate – GPR displays real-time 3D images at your location with proven accuracy. X-ray film can mistakenly be rotated, flipped or improperly lined up to provide inaccurate target locations.


Non-Invasive/Non-Destructive Technology Testing

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Fast & Accurate - Minimal set-up time

The most fast and accurate method for detection and mapping of buried objects.


Proactive measure to deploy prior to any project.


Eliminates expensive job downtime, money, setbacks, and injuries on a project.


No harmful radiation like X-Ray. FCC Approved.


On-site results allowing for quick decisions.

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports stating our findings and providing a plan view of the property.


Cost effective services by providing valuable information on a property before buying.