With the outstanding picture quality offered by this camera, its versatility is great. With the use of a 1″ high resolution camera and the help of 6 LED bulbs attached to 200′ of rod, we can capture a crisp, clear image of the interior of pipes, walls, ceilings or crawl spaces and with the built-in software, all the footage is captured in high quality digital video that can be easily transferred to a video file or CD.

The camera also has a built-in distance counter and a sonde that sends out a signal and allows us to trace the route of the pipe. We are able to fit around bends in a pipe as small as 1 1/4″ in diameter and 2″ traps and up to a maximum of 6″ diameter pipes.




Accu-Scan GPR deliver as promised, and are extremely professional and efficient! I always call on them for my GPR needs! – David Obbink, Diamond Coring & Cutting



It all depends on the circumstances. Ground Penetrating Radar can generally find the utility without much difficulty, but we cannot determine if the piping is gas, or water, etc. solely by the signals on our screen. The technician can often trace the utility to a valve, meter, control box, or other type of signifying marker, thereby determining the utility that is being located. We can also sometimes put a “Tone” on the pipe if we are able to gain access to it before it goes underground. If there are “as-builts” available, Accu-Scan GPR can trace the utility as a reassurance for all parties involved.



  • The GatorCam4 system is designed for a wide range of video inspection situations; from residential and small commercial uses to specialist plant and municipal applications.
  • Displays video footage in digital quality full color on an ultra-bright 8″ industrial TFT screen.
  • 1″ Self-leveling color camera head for inspecting 1.5″ to 6″ pipes
  • The GatorCam system is perfect for inspecting underground utility service pipes, septic tanks, boiler tubes, electric conduits, chimneys etc,
  • High brightness LEDs around the camera lens provide extremely high visibility in pipes
  • The camera cable is semi-rigid and acts as a push-rod, yet it is sufficiently flexible to negotiate tight bends.
  • 200ft. Pushrod System
  • MP4 DVD Quality recordings

GatorCam 4+ Video Inspection Camera


  • High Resolution recordings of the inner linings of a pipe
  • Accurately determine whether a pipe needs repair or how urgent the repair needs to be
  • Documented observations for generating detailed reports
  • Detect blockages, fractures, root intrusion, collapses, and overall condition of pipes