Many historic cemeteries are poorly maintained and often threatened by erosion, development, and agricultural operations making the identification of graves important if they are to be preserved. Unmarked graves need to be identified so that human remains may be removed if threatened by construction or even to make way for additional burials when cemeteries expand their boundaries or fill in areas that appear to be vacant. Ground Penetrating Radar can be used to locate unmarked graves and recover information about historic period cemeteries. This information can be integrated with birth and death records, information found on headstones or other historical documents to provide a database. This type of information is not available by other means. Whatever it is that you want to know about the sites, we can let you know.




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Why use a private utility locator?

The 811 “Call Before You Dig” service does not mark private utilities (private homes, business and or office property), they only notify the property owner of their utility providers – gas, water, and or telecommunication on main city owned roads, for example. These participating member utilities will not mark private properties. 811 “call before you dig” will locate and mark only primary public utilities, so it’s up to you to know and to track what’s buried on your property!

Private Utilities are the buried lines after the meter or main lines. If you have a meter going towards your home or business, then your property will not get marked by “811” utility locators. Other buried utilities that generally are not marked include but may not be limited to: sewer lines, cesspools, sprinklers, fire mains, buried conduits, and septic lines.



  • Determine if plots are vacant or inhabited.
  •  Help keep records current or bring records up to date.
  •  Locate skeleton/large bone structures.
  •  Locate voids and sinkholes
  • With a high demand for burials in cemeteries with limited space, Accu-Scan GPR can find available spaces in congested cemeteries using ground penetrating radar.
  • Verify historical records and their accuracy.
  • If buried remains and caskets have decomposed, Accu-Scan GPR can still detect the grave sites by using ground penetrating radar which can detect previously disturbed soil.
  • After a survey has been completed, the ground penetrating radar data is extracted into the software which is capable of producing documentation of the results and maps showing the exact location of the burial sites.
  • Accu-Scan GPR can save owners money by implementing non-invasive technology to locate graves rather than using destructive means like excavating or digging which are far more time consuming.



  • Determine grave attributes
  • Depth of burial
  • Approximate grave size
  • Type of casket
  • Number of graves
  • Buried tombstones
  • Find a space in a cemetery for additional burials.
  • Buried bodies
  • Detailed reports stating our findings and providing a plan view of the cemetery.