Maintenance of infrastructure is crucial for the economy to prosper as well as the health and safety of communities. The two greatest challenges in maintaining vital infrastructure is the availability of maintenance budgets and the requirement for non-invasive operations. Conventional Assessment technologies end up creating more damage to a structure than the potential defect being investigated. Accu-Scan GPR is equipped with state of the art ground penetrating radar, Electromagnetic Sensing, and Video Inspection technology that offers advantages in speed, accuracy, versatility, and cost effectiveness but above all non-invasive. The combination of advanced technology and highly skilled specialists, we are able to deliver a comprehensive picture providing valuable information about site conditions prior to any major development begins and we provide a cost effective means of obtaining high resolution data at exceptionally fast rates for gathering key information about the condition of existing structures.

The valuable information provided from our surveys can improve the financial picture, can eliminate expensive downtime, structure damage, damaged utilities, worker injury, facility shutdowns, and preserve structural integrity.  Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to foresee all the problems ahead of time while designing a project or help alleviate any current problems? Let us help.




Accu-Scan GPR was great. I used them at NYU Medical Center to scan a floor. Their work was in an occupied area in the main lobby. They were very professional, clean and responsive. I will be using them again in the near future and highly recommend them for all your scanning needs. – John P. Brady, Assistant Superintendent, Gilston Electrical Contracting Corp.



  • Non-destructive
  • Non-invasive
  • Accurate locating
  • State of the art technology
  • Locate objects underground
  • Locate objects behind walls
  • Detects live electric conduit



  • Non-Destructive Testing for Concrete Structures and Subsurface Soils
  • Provide valuable information on concrete and masonry structures (rebar spacing, rebar depth, concrete cover over rebar, delamination, fractures, voids, concrete thickness, and deterioration)
  • Mapping conduits, post tension cables, metallic/nonmetallic piping, and structural steel.
  • Survey walls, floors, columns, garages, balconies, tunnels, and bridges
  • Horizontal positioning and depth of pipelines
  • Detailed investigation of any available records, plans, and maps
  • Locate all underground service utilities metallic & nonmetallic
  • A proactive measure prior to performing any digging or excavating avoiding dangerous pipelines


Early Detection

Early detection of voids, sinkholes, and subsurface soil abnormalities that would compromise structures and surfaces from collapsing


High resolution data from our diagnostics.


Accurately identify the location of structural defects.

Utility Detection

Detect any utilities without any prior knowledge of their respective location.


A proactive measure prior to any saw cutting or core drilling avoiding embedded in hazards in concrete.


A proactive measure prior to any saw cutting or core drilling avoiding embedded in hazards in concrete.


Locate any buried environmental hazards which include oil tanks, drums, cesspools, or underground storage tanks.


Quick results for on-site decision making.

In-Depth Results

Investigate over asphalt, soil, concrete, and pavement.