Accu-Scan GPR is a non-destructive, non-invasive, subsurface imaging company that is equipped with a combination of multiple state of the art technologies that are designed to address a wide range of applications that include concrete imaging, utility locating, video inspections, geophysical, and environmental applications. Our equipment is ideal for detecting metallic/non-metallic objects embedded in the subsurface and in concrete structures. Our equipment can inspect or investigate subsurface soil conditions for abnormalities and determines if concrete structures were built as designed. Accu-Scan’s versatility comes from using a combination of ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic detection, and video inspection technology.

Accu-Scan GPR

Accu-Scan GPR uses the best technology available to prevent damage, facility shutdowns, service disruptions, project delays and worker injury from our operation using due diligence.

Utility Locating Applications

Utility Locating Applications: Accu-Scan GPR uses a combination of electromagnetic detection and ground penetrating radar to locate subsurface targets prior to digging, trenching, or conducting site assessments. Our equipment is ideal for locating the position and depth of metallic/non-metallic objects including service utilities and pvc piping in various soils in real time.

  • Electric, gas, oil, steam, telecommunications, water, reclaimed water, sewer, and drainage.
  • Metallic & Non-metallic piping
  • Detailed investigation of any available records, plans, and maps.
  • No physical connection to a utility is required
  • Non-destructively covers large areas in just a few hours
  • 3D Data enables precise utility mapping in complex congested areas
  • Real time target analysis for on the spot decisions
  • Detect utilities without any prior knowledge of their respective location

Concrete Applications

Concrete Applications: The concrete imaging system that Accu-Scan GPR utilizes, specializes in the non-destructive investigation and imaging of concrete.

  • Power Cable Detector Mode (PCD) for detecting electrical.
  • Drill Mode for avoiding any critical embedded elements in concrete
  • Concrete Slabs, Walls, Columns, Ceilings, Decks, and Balconies
  • Detects metallic and nonmetallic piping
  • Early detection of voids
  • Concrete Inspections
  • On-Site 3D imaging

Environmental Applications

Accu-Scan GPR uses ground penetrating radar to non-intrusively examine the subsurface for environmental hazards in high resolution saving money in remediation costs and inconveniences.

  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Drums
  • Oil Tanks
  • Soil Contamination
  • Cesspools
  • Leech Fields

Geophysical Applications

Accu-Scan GPR uses ground penetrating radar which is a geophysical method that provides high resolution three dimensional images of the earth’s subsurface. GPR is one of the most effective tools in use for diagnosing subsurface conditions and detecting hidden hazards. It is a proactive measure to minimize the dangers and inconveniences caused by:

  • Voids
  • Sinkholes
  • Subsidence
  • Settlement
  • Soil Disruption

Cemetery Mapping

Accu-Scan GPR uses ground penetrating radar which is the perfect tool for locating graves non-invasively and provide valuable information to cemetery owners.

  • Location, depth, and positioning of graves
  • Locate unmarked graves
  • Locate buried bodies and gravesites to correctly reposition marker stones that are often misplaced
  • Survey cemetery property for available burial space
  • Confirm graves in historical cemeteries



Our technology can help you work safely when performing concrete penetrations and increase productivity when hazardous embedded targets are mapped.


Accu-Scan GPR is the perfect solution to core holes for risers in a safe manner, without any costly delays or accidents.


Accu-Scan GPR eliminates guessing.  To keep price down and productivity up, moving forward without delays or accidents is crucial.


Our GPR technology can assist with the preliminary designs by eliminating the possibility of finding surprises hiding below the surface.


Cemeteries are often old, with inaccurate or missing records. Accu-Scan GPR maps out and detects any type of difference in the soils dielectric.


Whether it’s a project in the backyard or the remodeling of your home, give us a call to scan the area ahead of time so you know what to expect.




Accu-Scan GPR Inc. specializes in an array of services that are specifically tailored to suit your needs, from utility locating to identifying and mapping rebar. Our technicians possess all of the qualifications necessary, each averaging over 5 years in this field of work.  Accu-Scan GPR services include utility locating, identifying and field marking public and privately owned metallic and non-metallic utilities, rebar mapping, 3D imaging, and Auto-Cad drawings, and more. Our findings are in real time so you never have to wait days or weeks for results! In addressing our experience with works of this nature and scope, we have been providing these turnkey services to public utility companies, municipalities, engineering firms, general/sub contractors, federal & state governments and commercial & private property owners, with the capacity to meet every challenge presented to date. We pride ourselves on being specialty service providers in the private and commercial sector, and will only take on a job if we are certain we can provide you with a team of personnel able and ready to address your needs.



Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) enables non-destructive testing in concrete or earth applications. Locate conduits, pipe, rebar, post tension cables, voids, cesspools, and more under ground or behind walls.


Through electromagnetic radiation, we can locate live conduits or attach a signal to any metallic utility and trace and map the route it takes.


With a high-resolution video camera and the help of 6 LED bulbs attached to 200′ of rod, we can capture a crisp, clear image of interior of pipes, walls, ceilings or crawl spaces. And all the footage is captured in high-quality digital video file.


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